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This is where all of the rules can be found for this forum.

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5 7 Pokemon RP Rules (#2)
Aug 14, 2011 14:16:21 GMT -7
No New Posts Updates & News

This is where current updates and news can be found.

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4 21 Staff Hunt :D
Oct 26, 2011 7:25:38 GMT -7
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Lots of boards, that are concerning this forum, can be found here. Like Advertising and Affiliation boards, and Suggestion / Complaint Board!

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14 51 Matthew Hito
Jun 12, 2012 20:00:29 GMT -7
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Starting Your Journey

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No New Posts Create-A-Character

This is where you can create your character with the template provided.

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6 19 Cecelia [WIP]
Oct 1, 2011 9:35:45 GMT -7
No New Posts Accepted Characters

This is where all characters that have been accepted will be moved.

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Sub-board: Suspended Adventures

112 317 marshall koffi
Oct 23, 2011 13:37:21 GMT -7
No New Posts Character Logs

Keep track of who your character has met and their relationships here.
Character Logs are optional and can only be made after your character has been accepted.

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16 33 trouble is a friend ! [ marshall's pc ]
by k i n d l e .
Oct 23, 2011 14:16:06 GMT -7

Erinuki Region

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No New Posts Hajime Town

Hajime is the starting town of the Erinuki Region. Though a small town, it is the busiest town in all of Erinuki, because of Professor Kinkaze's infamous Lab.

Moderator: LORD Z

Sub-board: Hajime Lab

18 85 oo1. now my feet won't touch the ground.
Oct 23, 2011 17:33:50 GMT -7
No New Posts Route 1

This hilly route is one of the most tread routes in Erinuki. Though, not very long, many wild Pokemon can be found here. Along with the Pokemon, occasionally you can see Professor Kinkaze studying the Pokemon in the grass here.

4 56 xx||Wondering the Route (OPEN)
Oct 16, 2011 17:13:25 GMT -7
No New Posts Sakura Town

This very tiny town is nestled right in the middle of the beautiful Sakura Fields, reaping the benefits of having cherry trees surrounding the area. Many grass Pokemon can be found here.

3 10 Pokemon Center
by Takahiro
Jul 8, 2009 20:41:04 GMT -7
No New Posts Sakura Fields

These fields are in abundance of cherry trees. Pick a couple along the way, and taste the pride of Sakura Town!

2 3 xx|| Cherry Picking and Pokemon Hunting
by Dra
Nov 6, 2011 13:33:17 GMT -7
No New Posts Route 2

This route is a very lonely route, only having a paved road leading from Sakura Town, and to the next town, Shiki Town.
One green patch of grass can be found on the east side of the route, with only one Pokemon known to live there, Wurmple.

Moderator: LORD Z

1 2 Route 2
Jun 26, 2009 13:11:00 GMT -7
No New Posts Shiki Town

This town is in constant season change, from spring to summer, summer to fall, fall to winter, and so on, usually in about 2 days. No one lives here, but Pokemon are abundant.

2 4 Shiki Town
Aug 28, 2011 14:51:51 GMT -7
No New Posts Kurai Town

This town is constantly dark, because of the constant season changes of Shiki Town. Trainers are seldom seen, along with Pokemon. Any Pokemon seen are usually rare, along with seldom seen travelers.

1 2 Kurai Town
Jun 26, 2009 13:56:03 GMT -7
No New Posts Route 3

Route 3 is near the Great Erinuki Lakes, providing the landscape with a serene feel. Pokemon are very abundant around here, water Pokemon, grass Pokemon, flying Pokemon, and normal Pokemon.

1 2 Route 3
Jun 26, 2009 14:08:20 GMT -7
No New Posts Nozomi Lake

The smallest of the Great Erinuki Lakes, yet the most beatiful. This small lake is home of a lone Jirachi, which can only be seen every 1000 years. This lone Jirachi, if you wish near the lake, Jirachi is known to grant those wishes!

Moderator: Sandulf

1 2 Nozomi Lake
Jun 26, 2009 14:15:43 GMT -7
No New Posts Jinsei Lake

This mid-sized lake is a very beautiful sight to see. Yet very common to see Pokemon here, none are found in the water. The water is said to have healing powers, so Pokemon honor that legend and stay out of the water.

1 2 Jinsei Lake
Jun 26, 2009 14:25:29 GMT -7
No New Posts Shui Lake

This lake is the largest of the Great Erinuki lakes, yet is not much of a sight. Pokemon live in abundance in the water, but not as many in the grass outside of the lake.

1 2 Shui Lake
Jun 26, 2009 15:02:22 GMT -7
No New Posts Granville City

This large city, yet not very popular, is the home of the first Gym Leader! Bustling as this city is, people tend to relax at the Althea Spring.

Moderator: LORD Z

2 2 Pokemon Center
Jun 30, 2009 13:16:48 GMT -7
No New Posts Althea Springs

These hot springs are the only springs in all of Erinuki, and the most beautiful. With a mountain in the distance, these hot springs are were everyone relaxes.

Sub-board: Pokemon Gym 1

3 6 Pokemon Center
Jun 13, 2010 15:30:53 GMT -7
No New Posts Route 4

This long, dry and hot route is home of
of the Virva Desert. Though hot as it is, Pokemon thrive here. There is a small oasis where this Pokemon thrive, where green plants grow and water is constant. A great variety of Pokemon live on this Route.

1 2 Route 4
Jun 26, 2009 15:49:52 GMT -7
No New Posts Virva Desert

This desert, yet hot and large, has a small oasis nestled into the center of this large desert.
Trainers travel here from far and wide, just to have this sight in their inventory. Many Travelers have been here during the day, but during the night, many Pokemon can be found sleeping on the water's edge.

1 2 Virva Desert
Jun 26, 2009 16:00:10 GMT -7
No New Posts Hotaru Town

This town, once a great shrine, has turned into a small town.
At night, Illumise and Volbeat a many come and light up the night sky. Many covet this beautiful sight, and on very special nights, many Illumise and Volbeat rise to the skies, and fly toward the moon, leaving a trail of sparkles in the air.

2 3 Pokemon Center
Jun 30, 2009 13:37:39 GMT -7
No New Posts Zula Village

This small village is found right below Hotaru Town. This village is home of the Zulus. This friendly tribe is generous and passerbys are always welcome.
They may offer you a night at their house to replenish your party's energy.

1 1 Zula Village
Jun 26, 2009 16:18:20 GMT -7
No New Posts Route 5

This route, very lush and green, is a long road through a big tree forest, Daiki Forest. Though the trees take up most of the space, small Pokemon love this area. They climb up in the trees, in a hollow tree, up in the branches, and up in the air. Lots of grass and flying Pokemon can be found around in this area.

1 2 Route 5
Jul 20, 2009 15:35:03 GMT -7
No New Posts Daiki Forest

This big-tree forest, home of many Pokemon, spans across all of Route 5. If you get lost, Pokemon will get you back on the right path!

1 2 Daiki Forest
Jun 26, 2009 17:25:08 GMT -7
No New Posts Conway Town

This small town is the home of the infamous Springs of Kirei, a beautiful hot springs area.
Also, this town is a holder of a Gym, where hot water is filtered to the gym.

2 2 Pokemon Center
Jun 30, 2009 13:43:12 GMT -7
No New Posts Springs of Kirei

These springs, not very famous, yet one of the hottest and most relaxing springs in Erinuki. Many water Pokemon love to swim in this hot water, so watch out for them!

Sub-board: Pokemon Gym 2

3 6 Pokemon Center
Jun 13, 2010 15:35:10 GMT -7
No New Posts Hikari City

On the outskirts of Conway, this magnificent city, can be found. Though newly reconstructed, this place was once a dwelling spot of Mew. Now that more and more people are living here, Mew has left its dwelling spot here, and moved to a new location.

2 3 Pokemon Center
Jun 13, 2010 15:33:32 GMT -7
No New Posts Route 6

This short route is the love of most Pokemon. Berry bushes growing everywhere the eye can see, fruit-bearing trees wherever bushes aren't growing, small ponds and brooks flowing, ideal for water Pokemon.

Moderator: Sandulf

1 2 Route 6
Jun 27, 2009 18:23:37 GMT -7
No New Posts Route 7

This route is the longest route in all of Erinuki. This route spans through the Kusa Hills, and Shiragiku Mountain. Kusa Hills take up most of the route, yet the most beautiful thing on this route is Shiragiku Mountain. This Mountain contains more white chrysanthimums than you have ever seen in your entire life. Pick one, and put it on a Pokemon to increase Friendship!

1 2 Route 7
Jun 27, 2009 18:35:09 GMT -7
No New Posts Kusa Hills

These hills span across Route 7 till Mount. Shiragiku appears on the horizon. Many Pokemon roam these hills, many in search for food. Lots of long grass blows in the wind here, don't mistake it for a Pokemon!

1 2 Kusa Hills
Jun 27, 2009 18:40:16 GMT -7
No New Posts Shiragiku Mountain

This Mountain, full of white chrysanthimums, is the pride and joy of Route 7. Many Pokemon live on this mountain, many just to smell the flowers.

1 2 Shiragiku Mountain
Jun 27, 2009 18:47:48 GMT -7
No New Posts Aysu Town

This relatively small, cramped town is home of the 3rd Gym, which can only be challenged at night. At night in this small town, the moon glistens on a small pond, where the Gym Battle takes place, which is a breath taking sight.

Sub-board: Pokemon Gym 3

3 5 Pokemon Gym #3
Jul 20, 2009 15:48:03 GMT -7
No New Posts Murtunut Town

This desolate town is right on the outside of the boundaries of Aysu, though desolate, Pokemon run free around this town, giving you a chance to catch some Pokemon.
Be careful though, if you happen to come at night, ghost Pokemon roam this area, and some that would scare the heeby-geebys out of you.

2 3 Pokemon Center
Jun 13, 2010 15:39:27 GMT -7
No New Posts Route 8

This Route is very desolate during the night, but during the day, that's another story. Pokemon scramble to be on this route, because the sun is very hot here. Lots of Pokemon sun-bathe here, easier to catch for you, if they are not suspecting it!

Moderator: Sandulf

1 2 Route 8
Jun 27, 2009 19:37:14 GMT -7
No New Posts Arlette City

This City is home of the 4th Gym, being a user of Flying Pokemon.
Many flying Pokemon come here daily, who knows why, but they do! It is an instinct to be where you are needed.

Sub-board: Pokemon Gym 4

3 6 Pokemon Gym #4
Jul 20, 2009 15:51:30 GMT -7
No New Posts Route 9

This route, nestled on the east-most part of Arlette City, is the gateway to Inabikari Mountain. Many Electric Pokémon can be seen in the foliage and underbrush of this route, trying to stay as far away from visitors as possible.

1 2 Route 9
Oct 23, 2009 19:16:31 GMT -7
No New Posts Inabikari Mountain

This flat-topped mountain is a great sight to see, of course, when there isn't a storm or any bad weather. As it is high, this spot is known for being struck more than once in the same spot.
Many Electric Pokémon can be seen on the top of the Mountain, of course when it is stormy, to absorb as much power as they can from the lightning. Be careful on those days!

1 2 Inabikari Mountain
Oct 23, 2009 19:55:32 GMT -7
No New Posts Route 10

This short route, past Route 9, is shaded by the trees of Ki Forest. Though small and packed, this route has many Pokémon either on the forest floor, in the tree branches, or way on top of the trees. Many people have tried climbing the trees to get to the top, but have always failed. Few Pokémon live under bushes or in the underbrush, as they are very outgoing Pokémon. Be sure to pick up one of these forest dwellers on your way!

Moderator: LORD Z

1 2 Route 10
Oct 23, 2009 20:01:00 GMT -7
No New Posts Ki Forest

This forest, enshrouding Route 10, is a place to run through. Many devilish Pokémon like to stalk through the grass to scare the living tar out of you. Others, of course, try to ward off those devils, and leads you through the forest with ease.

Moderator: Sandulf

1 2 Ki Forest
Jun 12, 2010 20:58:21 GMT -7
No New Posts Route 11

This route, expanding off of Route 10, is full of lava and on the opposite side, water. There is a narrow pathway between the two elements, some spots eroded from either lava or water. Many Fire and Water Pokémon can be seen drifting through the lava or water, which ever, with great ease. Catch the opposite type and try making a new path by either shooting water on the lava to make it harden, or shoot lava on water to make a new path. Legend has it that if one is to create a new path, a legendary Pokemon, of which no one knows, will appear and will either make you perish or give you a gift of gratitude. Careful! The Pokémon like to shoot little testers at you, either fire or water, as they like to tease those who pass through.

1 2 Route 11
Jun 12, 2010 20:51:28 GMT -7
No New Posts Tamashii Town

This town is home to a tower known by the name of Spirit Tower. It is supposedly the holder of the many spirits of Pokémon that have passed on, either by old age or from murder. This town is small, yet many people live here. Many Ghost Pokémon scavenge the town at night, protecting everything that lives there. More Ghost Pokémon can be seen in the Spirit Tower, for protection of the Pokemon's spirits.

2 3 Pokemon Center
Jun 13, 2010 16:09:53 GMT -7
No New Posts Spirit Tower

This is where many graves and passed-on spirits live. They can be heard moaning, as ghosts do. Many Ghost Pokemon live here to secure the tower, as if they call the place home. Many mourners come here during the day to pay their respects to their lost Pokemon.

Moderator: LORD Z

1 2 Spirit Tower
Jun 12, 2010 21:02:29 GMT -7
No New Posts Majikku Palace

This palace, though not as large as you would think, is full of magicians. The magicians roam the half-ruins palace, showing tricks to whoever they could.

Beware of a magician named Ian! He may seem like the other magicians.. but he will cast spells on you to create you into a slave to himself.

Moderator: Sandulf

1 2 Majikku Palace
Jun 12, 2010 21:07:30 GMT -7
No New Posts Kuukan Quarry

This quarry, once owned by the EMA (Erinuki Mining Association), has gone deserted. No one comes around here. This quarry can take days to cross, it is the biggest semi-underground area in the Erinuki Region.

A few Pokemon wander in this area, hoping to find unsuspecting visitors.

1 2 Kuukan Quarry
Jun 12, 2010 21:11:11 GMT -7
No New Posts Route 12

This route carries on from the Kuukan Quarry, to the unknown confines of the Kakusa Waterfall. This route is a place of leisure for higher leveled Pokemon. Various kinds of Pokemon can be found here.

1 2 Route 12
Jun 12, 2010 21:17:09 GMT -7
No New Posts Kakusu Waterfall

This waterfall, concealed by a large amount of rocks, is an area of total unknown. Few have entered the waterfall, and only a couple of those few made it out. Lots of water Pokemon guard the entrance to the waterfall, only letting in those who fit the specifications that they had formed.

Sub-boards: Cave Entrance, Floor 1, Floor 2, Floor 3, Cave Exit

6 11 Cave Exit
Jun 12, 2010 22:02:44 GMT -7
No New Posts Sasayaku Town

This town is a muffled area. No sound really travels through. No one knows why. The people of this town are full of whispering and gossiping. Few Pokemon can be found here, for unknown reasons.

2 3 Pokemon Center
Jun 13, 2010 16:10:49 GMT -7
No New Posts Rei Shrine

This area is the place to go for your suspicions of Sasayaku Town. There is a shrine here, with engravings that you may or may not understand. The inscription could be of use to you later on.

1 1 Rei Shrine
Jun 13, 2010 13:35:56 GMT -7
No New Posts Route 13

This Route hosts some of the graveyards that supposedly once occupied Sasayaku Town and the souls from the Rei Shrine roam this area as well. At the end of the Route there is a Pokémon Center, just in time to prepare the weary adventurers for facing their greatest fears at Zetsumei Cavern, the Cavern of Death.

1 2 Route 13
Jun 13, 2010 13:38:06 GMT -7
No New Posts Zetsumei Cavern

The Cavern of Death, here you can find a lot of Ghost and Dark type Pokemon, but not really much else. Beware the corrupted trainers that halt you here, not only are they powerful, but, they’re quite sadistic as well.

1 2 Zetsumei Cavern
Jun 13, 2010 13:40:37 GMT -7
No New Posts Route 14

A light will welcome weary travelers who past through the dreaded Zetsumei Cavern, but the battle will still go on. Route 14 has a serene view of nature, luxurious in its trees and flowers, leading the way towards Haru Town.

1 2 Route 14
Jun 13, 2010 13:41:52 GMT -7
No New Posts Haru Town

Haru, or Spring, is lead into by Route 14, and flows into Mori Forest. Though near a forest, there are scarcely any trees. Haru Town believes in the old fashion belief of pleasure through nature, almost everywhere you look there are flowers in bloom, and Combees in the sky.

2 3 Pokemon Center
Jun 13, 2010 16:12:04 GMT -7
No New Posts Mori Forest

Shade surrounds the forest and its entirety, there is almost no part in the forest that has a bit of sun on it, but surprisingly, there are a lot of blooming rare plants all around… protected by just as rare Pokemon and just as dangerous.

Moderator: LORD Z

1 2 Mori Forest
Jun 13, 2010 13:43:57 GMT -7
No New Posts Kyuuka Town

Kyuuka’s dreaded heat turned the town into one that relied a lot on Solar Power to power everything. A cloudy day equaled no power for the whole town. Despite that, many trainers make it this far, just to be sun-burned beyond recognition, having to stay here until the pain and agony of the burn goes away.

2 2 Pokemon Center
Jun 13, 2010 16:13:07 GMT -7
No New Posts Kanbatsu Desert

Water does not exist in this Desert, there’s no oasis, yet people and Pokémon alike found ways to create their own water and live. Because of this harsh environment, most of the beings you encounter here are going to be hot headed and rough, so prepare for a tough travel.

1 2 Kanbatsu Desert
Jun 13, 2010 13:49:24 GMT -7

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2 10 Miu's Little Shop
by Dra
Sept 6, 2011 15:49:02 GMT -7


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